Implementing wizards with StimulusReflex

27 Apr 2020

Since a little over a year ago, an interesting new category of development techniques emerged in the web technology space. I’m talking about Phoenix LiveView inspired libraries, which provide rich real-time interactivity without (much) client side code.

The basic idea is to keep a websocket connection open for every visitor, send events down the wire where you can react to it on the server side. Afterwards, a full “new” page gets rendered, the result goes back to the client and will then be merged with the current page via a pretty nifty library called morphdom. That might sound complicated, but it really isn’t. From a developer point of view, you won’t even notice how it works. It just does. And it’s plenty fast too.

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Layout refresh

22 Apr 2020

Thanks to the crazy virus thing going on currently in the world that eliminated all commute times from my shedule, I finally found some time to refresh this site a bit.

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VSCode 1.9 January Release

02 Feb 2017

And here is the January release of Visual Studio Code. Lots of fixes and new features.

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VSCode 1.8 November Release

14 Dec 2016

The November release of Visual Studio Code just got live – and it’s a pretty good release.

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Centering the editor window in VSCode

15 Sep 2016

Since its release last year, I take a glimpse at Visual Studio Code from time to time, just to see how it makes progress (after all, I’m an editor nerd).

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