28 Jan 2014

A new dawn

As of today, I blogged for around 10 years on another domain in my native language (german).

So here we are, a new internet identity, a new blog - and finally in english. As a software developer dealing with this language every day, it’s something I had in mind for a long time. Hope this will work out…

This will be a rather technical blog. I like dynamic languages, Ruby being my pet for a long time. And I have a confession to make: I’m a text editor addict. Coming from a Unix background, I use Vim since the days where the wheel was invented. Living on the Apple platform, I also used TextMate in its glory 1.x days. Today, I really like Version 2.0 Alpha more and more (although feeling a little lonely, most Rubists left a long time ago), use it as an every day editor and fix the occasional bundle (but more of this later).

As you can guess, most topics here will be about the stuff described above.