16 Feb 2014

Analog note taking in a digital world

One of the most painful experiences I have on a daily basis are Todo-Lists. As a programmer, there are many tasks I have to keep track, big and small. And they are spread across many systems. Written information from Meetings, tasks coming in as a email, synced Todo-lists on Desktop and Mobile, Bug/Issue-Trackers for different projects and project management systems - you name it.

I’m pretty obsessed with optimizing my workflows, and this is one field I try to tackle recently.

Enter something I stumbled upon a couple of days ago: Bullet Journal.

Yes, an analogous system with good ol’ pen and paper. I’m not sure if this will work out, but I set it up today and am willing to use it for a while. The main problem i see with my tasks, is that I can not put links, images and all the digital stuff into it. Currently I’m using VoodooPad for these things, which works pretty well after writing some custom scripts for journaled page names. But there is something compelling about using a pen. Drawing, for example. Or slowing thoughts down a little to think more thoroughly about tasks. I like the idea, so I’ll give it a try.