14 Dec 2016

VSCode 1.8 November Release

The November release of Visual Studio Code just got live – and it’s a pretty good release.

Apart from the GUI enhancements (black menu bar looks gorgeous), it finally has intellisense working for JS inside script tags in HTML documents. Snippet variables are quite useful too, as I can now port over some of my custom TextMate Snippets to the new environment.

But what’s even more important, at least in my eyes, are those more or less tiny little bug fixes that make working with the editor more pleasant. Versions before 1.8 had a nasty bug, which made working with multiple integrated terminals painful. Whenever you created a new terminal instance, the settings and shortcuts got not applied to this instance, making it impossible to use custom keybindings for e.g. switching between them.

Being a good open source citizen, I decided to takle this one myself instead of waiting until someone finds the time to do it. This led to pull request #15958, which got accepted quickly after some refinement iterations. My personal itch is scratched, hooray.

I’m pretty impressed how the team at Microsoft handles their open source processes, they really take the time to review stuff, give hints, encourage you to push the boundaries – who would have thought so a couple of years ago. Good job, thumbs up.