02 Feb 2017

VSCode 1.9 January Release

And here is the January release of Visual Studio Code. Lots of fixes and new features.

I especially like the work that went into the terminal, which is now a lot faster (For large heaps of output, but you can feel the difference even when ls-ing a larger directory)....

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14 Dec 2016

VSCode 1.8 November Release

The November release of Visual Studio Code just got live – and it’s a pretty good release.

Apart from the GUI enhancements (black menu bar looks gorgeous), it finally has intellisense working for JS inside script tags in HTML documents. Snippet variables are quite useful too, as I can...

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15 Sep 2016

Centering the editor window in VSCode

Since its release last year, I take a glimpse at Visual Studio Code from time to time, just to see how it makes progress (after all, I’m an editor nerd).

I really like a lot of what I’ve seen so far and can recommend it as a day to...

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30 Apr 2015

The underestimated power of multiple cursors

When it comes to fast and efficient transformation of structured text or code, nothing can beat Vim and its expressive keystrokes in combination with its text objects. Thats common wisdom in the developer scene, that’s what I thought for a long time too.

But is it really true?

During my...

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17 Feb 2014

VoodooPad Journal plugin released

I just finished an initial version of a couple of JSTalk scripts for VoodooPad adding journal functionality to it.

You can download the source and find a little more detail about it on the Github repo.

Feel free to use it, fork it, rant about it, whatever.


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