A list of a couple of personal projects that might be of interest can be found inside the tabs below. is small social network that was created to fill the void that was left when closed. It's a small comunity, with lots of good developers building all kind of awesome stuff for it.


A modern, promise based wrapper library for the API for Node and browser JS.

Project site:


Same as above, but for Ruby. The scope of the wrapper is a little smaller, though.

Project site:


In the spirit of dogfooding my own library, I needed something that uses lots of endpoints. What else would one do in this situation then writing a feature complete social network client from scratch? It is build with React and runs entirely client side.

JellyTime! screenshot


RTPaaS (fp)

Automated posting of up to 3 RSS feeds to the timeline. Build with React / Next.js and a custom Node backend.

RTPaaS (fp) screenshot


My currently used editing environment is VSCode, as it hits a sweet spot between being highly customizable, providing IDE like features and still being lightweight enough for my taste. Thanks to the plugin system, one can easily add whatever functionality missing.


This is an extension that wisely adds the "end" keyword to code structures in Ruby while keeping the correct indentation levels, inspired by tpope's endwise.vim.

Indentation Level Movement

Lets your cursor jump with or without selection vertically at indentation levels.

Center Editor Window

This extension centers your editor window at the current cursor position.

Better Line Select

Line selection on steroids.

Insert Cursor at Beginning of Each Line Selected

This extension overwrites the shortcut for insertCursorAtEndOfEachLineSelected (shift+alt+i) and will insert the cursors at the start of the selection, instead of the end.